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Testimonials about a fantastic private music teacher in King of Prussia, PA 19406

We have two daughters that have been receiving lessons from The Music Teacher Guy for about a year. My 17-year-old daughter takes drum lessons and my 12-year-old daughter takes guitar. Both girls are very excited to learn. The teachers can relate to them. My oldest is now in marching band at school. The lessons help her feel more confident. We will now be signing my 10-year-old son up for drums as well. I love watching my children expressing themselves through music. We also love the convenience of having them come to our home. We are totally happy with the services Matt provides.

Cathy O.
Abington, PA

My son has almost completed his first year of piano lessons, and Matt's friendly, easy-going approach to piano instruction keeps my son engaged and learning every week. Matt is always patient, yet still conveys enough expectation to ensure my son stays focused and practices between lessons. Having the lesson in my own home rather than traveling is an added bonus that you don't find with most other instructors.

Ed F.
Linfield-Trappe, PA

I have been working with Matt [on learning drums] during the past few months and I’ve been making significant improvement. [Before] working with Matt, I was trying to teach myself, but I just wasn't able to get past a simple beat. Now that we’re working with some of the books he recommended, I am having a much easier time making progress.

Some of his tips – such as counting out loud and breaking down the beat into individual limbs – were things that I needed to hear. Matt also routinely reminds me to work my way around the drum set, to develop the ability to play the beats with different hi-hat [rhythms], and to add variety to my playing by playing both open-handed and closed-handed, or by using different cymbals. Since working with Matt my ability to listen to music has improved, also.

Dan L.
Bridgeport, PA

We’ve had a fabulous experience with Matt Torrence, “The Music Teacher Guy.” We’ve had the pleasure to have both Matt and Bobby work with our son. He has learned so much in such a short period of time. Matt and Bobby are very talented not only with musical instruments, but as teachers. They are patient and know how to get the kids excited about music. They encourage them to practice and focus on the music they like so they don’t lose interest. They are a pleasure to have in our home and I highly recommend them.

Cheryl S.
Chalfont, PA

My sons— ages 10 and 8 – take guitar and piano lessons, respectively. It is great to have one teacher who can teach multiple instruments well. My boys enjoy Matt as a teacher because he is patient and makes the lessons fun. Matt comes to your house and teaches multiple instruments at a great price. Matt is a rare find.

Pete H.
Audubon, PA

As an adult beginner in piano, I feel very lucky to have Matt as my teacher. He is very knowledgeable and answers my questions thoroughly with clear and concise explanations. Sometimes when I have trouble learning a particular musical concept, Matt is very patient and will go over things multiple times without causing me stress or anxiety over my errors. He gives me great suggestions on how to improve my practice so that I get a better understanding, and he will give me extra practice time.

I love that he comes to my home for lessons instead of me having to go out for them. I find this service to be extremely convenient for my (sometimes) hectic lifestyle. Matt is flexible with his appointments, always on time and considerate of my time and schedules. He is also friendly and pleasant to family members and pets. I feel like I am getting great quality music instruction at my convenience and at a very reasonable rate.

Robin S.
Lansdale, PA

After many years of not playing at all – my beautiful Martin guitar sitting in its case in the back of a closet, collecting dust – I decided that it was not right to let go of this important legacy which had been so much a part of my life. So as a senior 'artist,' I decided to give it one last effort.

Finding Matt Torrence (The Music Teacher Guy) and picking up my lessons with him has turned out to the best decision. I feel I've made more progress in the couple of months that we have been working together than I ever had before. Matt can meet you wherever you are and help you get much better. He seems so interested. He has the right materials, great songs – materials and songs are so important, and it seems he can tailor them to the student's interest, this is really important – and a talent and a flair for teaching. And best of all, in today's busy world, he comes to my house. I love that.

Marion S.
Blue Bell, PA

Matt's talent on and passion for guitar has made the instrument a pleasure to learn. He is down-to-earth, patient, and understanding – a joy to have as a private teacher.

Marc F.
East Norriton, PA

I am so happy to have found Matt Torrence; he is the perfect music teacher for me. At age 65, I decided to start piano lessons again after a 40-year hiatus. Matt listens to your music goals, and then provides you with exactly the guidance you need. He lets you select your own music genre, whether it is classical, show tunes, rock, or something else. He is also a sensitive, kind person. If you let him know you have not had time to adequately practice that week, he doesn’t make you feel guilty about it. Instead, he spends your lesson time teaching you about some new aspect of music or music theory that is useful to you. Matt is highly experienced and knowledgeable about teaching music and every lesson is real value for your money. I would highly recommend Matt as a great teacher for any age, from beginners through experienced musicians.

Catherine K.
Collegeville, PA

My daughter loves her piano lessons. Matt is very patient and my daughter is playing beautifully. I love the convenience of having a teacher come to the house. The best part is that Matt has helped my daughter foster a love of music that she will have forever!

Debbie M.
North Wales, PA

My son Michael enjoys his bass lessons. Matt is kind and patient. Having him come to our house makes it so convenient. Michael truly loves playing the bass.

Olga M.
Blue Bell, PA

Matt is a fantastic piano teacher – patient and nurturing. I’ve seen my daughter’s musical ability blossom during her lessons. Plus, you can’t beat the convenience of having him come to you!

Ike H.
Ambler, PA

I decided, at the age of 52, to learn the piano after my son was taking lessons from Matt. The past year has been a joy as I've progressed up the scale to actually be able to play a few songs. Matt has been quite patient, setting a curriculum that has made it a pleasure to learn.

Garry S.
Ambler, PA

Matt's a teacher that has kept my son interested and motivated to continue playing the bass and it's great to have him come to the house every week as that's a huge time saver versus going out to a weekly music lesson.

Dave C.
Royersford, PA

My daughter has been taking piano lessons with Matt for just over two years. In that time, she has learned not only playing techniques, but also a great deal of music theory which helps her to have a deeper understanding of the music she plays. Matt's patient nature and encouragement have kept her interest in music alive, and she looks forward to her lessons. It's a great convenience to have the lessons in our home, and Matt is helpful with working with different schedules. We've recommended him to several families who all agree that lessons with Matt are a great way to begin music education at home!

Alexandra C.
Montgomeryville, PA

Matt is very easy to understand and he teaches in steps so it's easier to build the learning. Also, he teaches what I want to learn and asks what I'm interested in.

Gareth O.
Royersford, PA

Matt is flexible in terms of scheduling and cares about the student. For instance, without being asked, he sent us a list of musical gifts we could get for our son at the holidays based on his needs at the time. Matt knows music well, and seems to have many musical references at his fingertips. It's great that he comes to our home, and yet provides a serious music experience for our son.

Cynthia and Alister O.
Royersford, PA

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We have a house filled with music thanks to Matt! We value the instruction, how he teaches the different instruments – guitar, drums, and keyboard – how he works with different levels, and how he comes to our home. We have four kids – ranging from beginner to advanced – playing three instruments. Music works for us because Matt comes to our home, prepared to teach our children their instruments at a pace that is enjoyable for them.

Matt started teaching our eldest son who, at 11, wanted to learn guitar. Our son now considers guitar his "thing," and he's in two rock bands and two school bands. He has now asked Matt to teach him drums. Matt continues to teach three of my younger children – ages 10, 8, and 6 – guitar, drums, and keyboard. One just made the school's advanced band and drum line, and he also performed at his first rock concert. My youngest spends a lot of his free time playing music, really exploring the different rhythms and sharing his knowledge. I appreciate the enriched learning, the new vocabulary, the confidence that comes with practicing and performing. My children range from very focused to easily distracted, and Matt knows how to adapt to each. He knows that I'm a busy mom and can't supervise the practices, and he knows that we have good weeks and bad weeks when it comes to practicing. And still, everyone is moving in the right direction and everyone continues to love music. All kids have found something they love, and the whole thing is easy for me to manage.

Amina O.
Ambler, PA

At 34 years old, picking up an acoustic guitar for the first time in my life seemed quite intimidating. I had the typical trepidations of being "too old to learn" and not thinking I had enough free time to practice. Luckily, I found Matt Torrence on-line and it's been a revelation. Matt's in-home lessons and relaxed teaching style have been perfect for me as an adult beginner. Matt has a tremendous wealth of musical knowledge and ability, and does a great job of relating the material and making even the more difficult concepts and techniques seem clear. His lessons have been customized to my musical preferences and learning pace, and have me still going strong over a year and a half later.

Brian T.
Chalfont, PA

Matt's a great teacher! I'm an adult beginner piano student who has taken lessons from Matt for over a year now. I've found Matt to be professional, personable, and punctual. He arrives at my house each week with a great attitude and a desire to hear what I've been practicing. Though we follow the progression of my lesson book, Matt skillfully rounds out those sometimes dry exercises by jazzing up a piece, or bringing in a piece outside the book he knows I'm interested in learning how to play. I'm having a great time, I'm learning a lot about music, and I feel my money is well spent.

Mary B.
North Wales, PA

Learning how to play the piano has changed my life and Matt's excellent teaching skills made it possible. His focus on teaching the basics has given me a strong foundation for learning how to play well – a foundation I will be able to build on for years to come. The piano has become a source of joy and relaxation for me and it's all thanks to Matt and his patient and consistent attention. I look forward to improving my playing with Matt and it is so convenient to learn in my home, on my own piano. Thanks, Matt!

Kathleen C.
Trooper, PA

My 5-year-old daughter, Madison, loves her piano lessons with Matt. She asks when she is going to see him again. She loves practicing her piano during the week -- so much so that I do not even have to ask her to do it! Matt is a wonderful teacher. Maddie and I also love that she has her piano lessons at Mom-Mom's house, right before Mom-Mom's lesson. Pretty soon they will be playing duets!

Katie O.
Chalfont, PA

Matt is a very knowledgeable and personable teacher. He teaches what you want to learn, at your own skill level. Having him come to the house is great because it saves time and gas. He gets along with everybody. One week, we forgot to cancel a lesson because I was out [of town], and he stayed and had dinner with the family!

Victoria B.
Montgomeryville, PA