Rates & Policies | King of Prussia, PA 19406

Rates are $109 per month for weekly 30-minute lessons, and $209 per month for weekly 60-minute lessons.

If there are two students in the same household, 60-minute weekly lessons may still be purchased for $209 per month, and the time may be divided between both students, each of whom will receive thirty minutes of lesson time. Lessons must occur on the same day and be back-to-back.

Lesson times longer than an hour are also available should there be three or more students in the same household. Please contact me for rates.

Checks are made payable to The Music Teacher Guy.

If a particular month happens to contain a fifth lesson day, the fifth lesson is provided at no extra charge. The purpose of the FREE fifth lesson is to offset the occasional cancellation made by the student or student’s parents.

There are no credits nor refunds given for missed or cancelled lessons except in the unusual circumstance that I cancel a lesson. In the event that a major national or religious holiday should happen to fall directly upon your lesson day, a deduction from the amount of the monthly payment is permitted, provided there are not still four other viable lesson days remaining that month.

The above policy, however, is only in effect for the school year - i.e., September through June. During the summer months of July and August, the policy is "pay as you go," taking into account family vacations during the peak travel season. You only pay for lessons you wish to take during the summer.

Remember, there is never any contract to sign, and there is never a penalty for stopping lessons without notification in advance. You only make a commitment of one month at a time.